What Age Group Will Get The Most Out Of This Game?

The game rules state this is a game for 8 year olds +, however any child in this age bracket smart enough to understand the rules of this game, will likely be academically top of their year group and maybe already have a desire for playing board games.

Due to the mental dexterity, focus and discernment needed to understand and win at Plateau the game really is designed for older children and upwards. However the creator of this game starting playing chess as a 4 year old, so there is no reason why someone as young as 8 could not attempt to take on a parent, minder or a freind at Plateau as much like chess it takes “A lifetime to master” so you have to start at some point!

We Are Stockists Interested In Reselling Plateau ?

A pledge tier for resellers has been added to our Gamefound pledge manager page, if you are a stockist interested in reselling our game please contact us directly via this site for more information on account and payment terms.

When Will We Recieve Our game?

Production of Plateau started late December 2021 and from this point we estimate a 3 month turn around from then for fulfillment to be made. We have given UK Springtime as our target date.

If there are any unforeseen delays then updates will be made, but it is our intention to get our game sent to you in the speediest and safest way possible so you can start enjoying playing Plateau as much as we have had developing it. Future editions of Plateau will be available over the store counter and if it’s not and you want others to enjoy our game, as you have, then wherever you are in the world give us the contact of your local game retailer so we can speak to them ourselves. We want to get the word out so all referrals will be rewarded. Contact us for more information